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At the Stadium, we offer our betting service to all customers over 18. There are 6 greyhounds in each race. Each greyhound has a numbered jacket with unique colours.








You can find more details i.e. name, age, race history, owners and trainers name in a booklet produced at each event, known as the “RACECARD”.

Don’t worry if this is the first time you’ve placed a bet. Check out our simple guide that gives you all the terminology you’ll need to know.

WIN/SINGLE - The simplest bet of all, just select the greyhound you think will win the race. The perfect bet for beginners.

PLACE - A place-only bet means that you’re betting on a greyhound to finish in the top three, rather than just to win.

EACH WAY - With an each-way bet, half of the stake goes to ‘win’ and remaining half ‘goes’ to place. If your selection comes second or third you will receive a small portion of winnings and if they win you’ll get more.

FORECAST - A straight forecast bet is a betting scenario in which you select two runners in the race and state the specific order in which they will finish, first and second. It can be easy to place but challenging to win, as it requires both the first two finishers and the order in which they finish to be correctly predicted.

REVERSED FORECAST - While in a straight forecast bet you have to correctly predict two participants finishing first and second in the exact order they finish, in a reverse forecast bet your two selections can finish either first or second and you still win. Despite the order, they finish the race it will still be a winning bet.

TRICAST - A straight TriCast is like forecast but with 3 selections. In this bet type, you will select 3 runners to finish in first, second and third position in the exact same order as you predict them to win. It is a very challenging bet.

COMBINATION TRICAST - This bet type is similar to a reversed forecast. Combination Tricast bets allow the bettor to select three runners, the bet will win if three of the selected runners finish the race in top three regardless of the order on the betting slip.

NOTE: You must be 18 years or to place a bet. The Stadium operates a Think 25 policy, if any member of the party is lucky enough to look under 25 years, they will be asked to prove they are over 18 years of age with the appropriate ID.

How to place a bet?

To place a bet at Monmore Green, you don't need to fill in a betting slip. Just tell the Tote operator your selection, race number, type of bet and the stake.

If you need any further assistance just speak to one of our Tote staff on the evening and they will be happy to help you!