Greyhound Re-Homing

Home a Hound

Home a Hound

The mission at Friends of Crayford Retired Greyhounds is to find loving homes for all the ex racers and retired greyhounds from the track.

This work is undertaken by a team of volunteers who are always looking for ways to raise funds for the charity to support them in the cost of re-homing greyhounds as family pets.

The charity uses Clarks Farm Greyhounds as their re-homing kennels, so why not visit their website at Clarks Farm to find out more.

Crayford's own retired greyhound home finders work closely with the track and you can contact a member of the Friends of Crayford Retired Greyhounds (FOCRG) on 07549 826 240 or visit their website at which has all the latest activities.

Visit Clarks Farm Website today!

Happily Homed!

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Winnie & Poppy

Best of friends, can't imagine life without these two nutters, Winnie and Poppy, in our home.

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I’ve had my Mark 6 months today, he’s made my world an even happier place, he’s the best, thank you Clark’s farm for finding me an amazing, special boy! I adore him so much.

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We’ve had Joey a little over a week now and he has been Amazing! He seems to have settled really quickly and as of yesterday has started to show his cheeky side and has started collecting things from around the house for us!

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Diesel Sky

“Happy first ‘gotcha’ day to our aloof, dappy, princess - Sky, aka Diesel Sky. We cannot imagine life without you xx

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Nanny Nuala

No reason other than she looks gorgeous! She’s settled in really well