Our offerings


- We can only accept bookings that are either the rule of 6 OR are from two households.

- All guests are to remain seated unless using the toilet facility, so this does mean our terracing is closed so the venue continues to be non-smoking.

- All bookings are to be made in advance; no walk ins are allowed. Bookings close an hour before opening, except for Saturday morning which close Friday afternoon.

Dine in our Heathview Restaurant

Dine in our Heathview Restaurant

Dine in our Heathview Restaurant on either Tuesdays or Saturdays for a fantastic time out!

The restaurant offers brilliant panoramic views of the track, giving you a great view no matter where you are sat, with TVs being available for any restricted view out the window.

Tuesday's are great for those who prefer a more relaxed evening out, and with everything being table service, it's a great mid week treat. Our restaurant serves a limited menu.

On Saturdays we offer two sittings:

Brunch- This is available in the morning, offering a full English breakfast with a view! Perfect to kick start your weekend.

Evening- Our restaurant serves a fantastic three-course meal throughout the evening meeting.

Please note, our offerings may change as the on-going COVID situation changes. Please check with the stadium.